Experience the Magnificence of Dubai

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  • October 26, 2018
  • by Otiko Jennifer


Thinking of your next holiday vacation? Why not spend a fun-filled week and experience the magnificence of Dubai? It may be the luxurious and lavish lifestyle or the culture and history of Dubai, both can definitely put you in awe of the city.

Dubai has become one of the top destinations for the tourist these past few years. Its airports are experiencing massive flock of tourist from all over the world making it one of the busiest. To think that Dubai and the United Arab Emirates as a whole had just celebrated their 46th year as a nation.

From the skyscrapers that are worthy to be put on the Guinness book of world records, the amazing architecture, properly planned urban highways or the preserved old cultural lifestyle of the first people in the city, all of which can give you a different kind of experience.

There are lots of places to see and visit in Dubai. It will take a whole month or so to experience all of it. We have listed below the best places you can visit in order to experience the magnificence of Dubai.

Best Places to See in Dubai for First Timers

Burj Khalifa

                First on our list is definitely the highlight of the city. The tallest recorded man-made building. This skyscraper has made it to the Guinness book of world record. It is not only very tall but the design of the building is something that can give inspiration to people. It boasts a total of 160 plus floors.

You can enter the building and enjoy the scenery and a 360 view of the whole city at the 124th and 125th floor of the building.

Burj Al Arab

                If you’re looking for something really fancy, then you can visit this very beautiful structure near the Arabian Sea. Dubbed as a 7-star hotel, Burj Al Arab is offering a wide variety of dine-in restaurants inside and again a magnificent view of Dubai and the sea.

Admiring it from outside is also a very good choice, especially for people who wouldn’t want to break their bank eating or staying at the hotel. There are nearby public beaches that you can visit for you to get a picturesque view of the hotel at your backdrop.

Lego Land Dubai

                Lego Land has opened its doors for the Dubai residence and for the tourist who would want to experience and see a place full of Legos. If you’re a fan of Lego when you were a kid, then this place is for you. Inside you will find lots of structures made from Lego. It is full of fun and exciting activities.

If you’re a family visiting Dubai, this is definitely a place that you can’t miss. Your kids will love the ambiance and the activities of the place. Make sure to book ahead of time as this place is always jam-packed with visitors.

Dubai Mall

Dubai has created a solution for the huge influx of visitors that they are experiencing. They have created a huge mall that can hold the said number of visitors. Dubai Mall is also a good place to see when you visit Dubai. It holds a huge number of shopping outlets inside, different restaurants serving dishes from all over the world, a huge aquarium inside that you can admire, a place for kids to play (Kidzania), and an outside fountain show that plays every evening.

It will take you a day just to visit and enjoy the whole place. The place has too many things to offer. It is the best place for a group of friends or a big family with different needs. Dubai Mall can definitely accommodate all those needs.

The Walk Jumeirah

                If you’re planning to see something urban and gives you a feeling of all year summer, then Jumeirah Beach Residences is the place to go.  Jumeirah Beach Residences or JBR is a place in Dubai where the “the walk” is located. It is a place where you can swim in the public beach with your front as the Arabian Sea and at your backdrop are multiple restaurants and hotel establishments.

It is a combination of nature and city life in one place. It is definitely a place that young adults will definitely enjoy. That doesn’t mean elders and kids will not love the place as there are also lots of things offered to them as well in this place. You can head here and have a relaxing day.

Best time to visit Dubai

Dubai is without a doubt a great place to see and visit. Although there are multiple activities that you can try in Dubai all year long, it is advisable to visit it during the winter season.

Yes, you heard it right! Dubai also has a winter season. The summer season will be the hottest period in Dubai which makes it harder to do outdoor activities. Indoor places with air-conditioning will not be a problem, but activities like strolling by Jumeirah will take more of your energy during the hotter months.

Winter season on the other hand will give a cool weather that can go as low as 9 degree Celsius. It is definitely a time where you can enjoy the sceneries and urban lifestyle that Dubai has to offer. It will also be the perfect time to stroll and travel around the city.

December is also the start of the Dubai Shopping festival, which means there will be discounts on products everywhere. A perfect time to buy gifts for Christmas.

Winter Season will start around December and will last up to the 2nd to 3rd week of March.

Other Places that you can also visit in Dubai

There are lots of best places to see in Dubai depending on the things you would want to experience and see.

If you’re into thrill rides and theme parks you can visit the places below:

IMG Worlds of Adventure – experience indoor rides featuring Marvel and Cartoon Network Characters.

Motiongate Dubai – A theme park much like IMG featuring Dreamworks characters

Aquaventure Waterpark – A water park with different fun slides that you can try

Atlantis Waterpark – A water park situated in the famous Palm Jumeirah

You have to allot a day if you plan to visit one of these theme parks.

If you are into Shopping:

Gold Souq – cheap and multiple gold selling outlets

Mall of the Emirates – much like Dubai Mall, a huge mall with an indoor ski park inside

Outlet Mall – Cheap branded products straight from the manufacturer

Make sure your wallet is ready as you might be able to find exquisite and great product deals.

If you’re into heart stomping adventures:

Desert Safari – experience the beauty of the Dubai desert

Skydive Dubai – Jump through a plane and see the magnificence of Dubai, Palm Jumeirah

Hot – Air Balloon Ride – Ride through the desert with this wonderful experience

Helicopter Ride Dubai – See Dubai in a different perspective

You will have to allot budget on this one as it will cost a bit more than the normal activities you can experience in Dubai.

Dubai is a lovely place to see

With all that Dubai has to offer, one will definitely love to visit the place. A week of vacation to this urban, high-end city will not be enough to cover all the attractions and hidden gems in the city.

It is a really magnificent place to see and it is assured that you will love the place. You will definitely go back to Dubai, not to mention the attractions and places that you can see in the other 6 emirates.

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